We install and maintain personal aquariums. We supply our customers with beautiful custom aquariums. We believe aquariums provide a calming and relaxing feeling like nothing else. At East Coast Aquarium Designs we do everything we can in order to ensure customer satisfaction. We use our professional knowledge of aquariums and the customer’s interest to create a unique aquarium designed specifically for each individual customer.

We will do everything we can continue to earn your business. We also want to keep your business for as long as possible. In order to do that we build excellent relationships with our clients and provide them with excellent services. We pride ourselves on being extremely reliable and dependable. Our customers always have an open line of communication and can always contact us. We have years of experience in the industry, and an extreme willingness to make our customers happy.

Our Mission and Visions

At East Coast Aquarium Designs we truly love what we do. We are maintenance and install professionals who have a strong passion for the hobby. This is why we love sharing the hobby with our customers. Having your own aquarium is an experience like no other. The greatest thing about an aquarium is its beauty. Whether your aquarium is in your home or at your workplace, your friends or customers will be amazed at the beauty of your aquarium. Our mission at East Coast Aquarium Designs is to design aquariums that will surpass all expectations.

Why From Us?

At East Coast Aquarium Designs we want to see your aquarium flourish as much as you do. We take pride in our work. We do not put our name on anything that we did not work our best on. We will take the time to cater to your individual wants and needs. We are also fully insured and have the resources to build any size aquarium, whether it would be a 50 gallon or a 5,000 gallon. At East Coast Aquarium Designs we do all we can to maintain a stable environment for the fish. Before we introduce new fish into the aquarium we monitor them in our quarantine systems. They only get sold if they are perfectly healthy. We also guarantee our livestock for a week. East Coast Aquarium Designs also offers discounts on all livestock for our customers. We try and save our customers money wherever we can. Customers that often do not want to buy certain fish because of the cost often change their mind when they hear our prices. Call us and share your dream with us. We will make your aquarium dream come true.